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You can order either through our site or our call center. In any case, your order will be verified by telephone. For any clarification you can contact +30 2311 300400

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For any clarification don’t hesitate to contact us at 00302311300400

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Our products are sent wherever you ask – define. They are delivered by courier or you can go by the courier office in case you don’t want to be disturbed at your working place or home.

The shipment cost is 5.00€

Shipping Time in Cities ( 2 days )

Shipping Time rest of Greece ( 3 days )

Our products are sent within  5 working days to any European country and in 8 working days to any other destination. A copy of your Order Verification will be sent to you via email or phone number so you can track the progress of your shipment. Attention, in non European countries it is likely you have to contact your nearby Customs.

The shipment cost is 12.00€