Who are we?

It's high time to know the biggest collection of far infrared garments as well as orthopedic nanotechnology accessories manufactured with future materials.

Do you want to relieve the painful feelings, feel strong, relaxed, secure? You will be reborn in the most natural way. Retrieve your bioenergy with an outstanding component for each part of your body.

FIR+TECH company is open to any cooperation. Our rapid development creates new needs and collaborations with the application of new ideas. If you are willing to give new perspectives, we will listen to you carefully!

High quality

Certification of high material and manufacturing quality.


Quick customer service and direct delivery at your personal space!

Quality - Price

Excellent relationship between quality and price. The quality in combination to our affordable prices is a part of our characteristics.

Why choose Firtech?

Firtech garments will astonish you by the use of "smart fabrics ". New generation orthopedic accessories coated by nanotechnology high infrared or far infrared FIRTECH fabric, offer you well-being and rejuvenation.

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