General Questions

Yes, you can wash your orthopedic article as often as you wish. Use cold water and neutral detergent or soap and let it dry naturally in a shaded space. Do not iron it. Do not wash it in the washing machine and don't dry it under the sun because the ceramic materials and the metals incorporated in the fabric may be damaged.

Some people feel the difference within a few hours. Others have witnessed that they felt the difference gradually within days or weeks. Each organism presents a different reaction.


Yes, it's true. You may not feel something intense immediately.  Do not worry though!  Just by wearing them you will benefit from their special qualities. What you feel, depends on the frequency of the use of the  
orthopedic article FIRTECH, on your habits and also on the degree of your pain.

Some people realise a positive improvement such as reduced pain and swelling, more flexibility and increased levels of energy within some hours or days after the use of the orthopedic products FIRTECH whereas for others more time may be required.

If the products are maintained properly, there isn’t expiry time of use.

The bioceramical materials are incorporated in the fibers of the fabric and they can't be washed out.

Some people feel the intensity of the warmth more than others. This depends on various factors for example how often they use the product, how intense the feeling of the pain is, how much water they consume, their nutritional habits and their daily activities.

No, you may come to our shops if you wish. However, in order to facilitate you, we dispatch our items at your personal space.

The red side should come in contact with the leg.

No, they don’t reduce the capacity. Yes, you may cut them. No, select your size.

Of course. The replacement is hundred percent free within 15 working days.


Yes, it will help you.

They will help you because they improve the blood circulation, they absorb the vibration shocks whilst walking, relieving the soles.

In case your cervix still hurts or the headaches and the dizziness still persist, then you should pay a visit to your physician. There could be another problem.

No! Choose our new product the kyphosis back brace.

Yes! There is no problem.

If your doctor recommended you to put ice, you should avoid FIRTECH products because they cause heat and they may cause reverse effects which are heat.

No! Don't use them simultaneously. You may apply the cream before using the FIRTECH products and when it is absorbed by the organism after the area is very well cleaned or after the use of our products.

Yes, there is no problem.

You can wear our products during the day as many hours as you wish since you feel that you need them. However, avoid wearing them while sleeping.

Obviously in the pain area the problem the initial problem doesn't exist anymore.

No! On no occasion! They don't influence blood pressure at all.

Bolero is mainly suitable for the back pains. However, it may be worn to provide a light support. But not as an orthopedic brace. As an effective aid to the posture of your body we suggest the kyphosis splint.

Consult your physician for further information.

Take off the product in case the produced heat causes discomfort or if you feel " a burning sensation "You can put it on after some hours. In general you may wear it as frequently as you wish.

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